Emma Salamon is a founding member of The Burnt Asphalt Family, an artists’ collective with the mission to create unique, performance-based “installations” that reinvent objects and redefine the relationships of audience and performer, observer and participant. “Each installation activates its space at the crossroads between art, craft, and design, through innovative techniques like hot-glass cooking demonstrations, shared meals and edible sculptures. The Burnt Asphalt Family has performed throughout the United States including at the Corning Museum of Glass and the Chrysler Museum of Art.

About Us
We are an artist collective made up of artists, designers, fabricators, chefs and educators. Our events merge performance, craft, installation, food, and kinetic works. We began in 2007 with 5 people and since have grown to over 30. As a family we share resources and are a creative engine that creates experiences where the audience is a vital part of the work. Through performing craft we hope to redefine the notion of craftsmanship and studio practice of the glass artist. Our beginning performances set out to transform the hot shop and combine a glass demonstration, a play and an actual family dinner. Our next performances focused on redefining the definition of the dinner table and comparing the kitchen to the studio to create a “family space” where a collective labor is performed.

Our events have focused on community in order to raise awareness of the various properties and new applications of glass and to allow people to question their own ideals of craft, entertainment, social values, and consumerism. Jessica Jane Julius, Erica Rosenfeld and Emma Salamon

Please visit our blog :theburntasphaltfamily.blogspot.com/

Mashed potatoes at Corning NY :
Chrysler Museum Glass Studio :